Whether you are working, studying or taking it easy - all the way through to bedtime; enjoy tasteful streaming music and soundscapes accompanied by beautiful imagery that will sooth you in your daily activities.

Listen to mood music provided by independent internet radio stations1 playing 24/7 that have been specially curated from thousands around the world. Accompanied by our carefully crafted soundscapes, the music stations and our sounds are respectively selected and designed to enhance your mood in many of your daily activities or social occasions.

Music ranges from upbeat for exercise, partying; mind-enhancing for study and focus; melodic for relaxing and meditation; to sleep inducing soundscapes of rain, wind, ocean waves, space and coloured noises. Designed for all age groups in mind, from infant to adult, whether alone or an intimate moment with someone special or dinner with family and friends.

Special features2 include: simple ‘one click’ mood selection and play; fixed / animated full screen imagery option to compliment the mood’s atmospherics; sleep timer for bedtime designed to unobtrusively lower and then turn off all sound and imagery after a set period; an inbuilt remote control, providing core functionality for Home Theatre enthusiasts and in-package help.

1Internet connection is required to listen to streaming radio, some soundscapes remain available when offline. Whilst care has been given to station selection for your listening pleasure, some stations broadcast occasional station identifications and commercial breaks.

2Futures include Google’s Chromecast™ support when available, and consideration for improved personalisation options, additional activities and complimenting moods and commercial free listening.  User community feedback and suggestions are most welcome (refer to Support section.)

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